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YAG Laser Focusing Lens 25mm Diameter 20mm Focal Length

YAG Laser Focusing Lens 25mm Diameter 20mm Focal Length


Name YAG Laser Focusing Lens 25mm Diameter 20mm Focal Length
Weight 0.0340
Clear Aperture φDe φ20mm
Diameter φDc φ32mm
Focal Length f 20mm
Length L 22mm
Lens mounting thread Ma M29 P0.75
Maximum lens Diameter φD φ25mm
NA 0,5
Protective window thread Mb M22 P0.75
Thread Outer dimension A 6mm
WD 9mm
YAG Laser Focusing Lenses
YAG laser focusing lenses are air spaced triplets or doublets for YAG wavelengths.
The elements are made of crown glass of lower dispersion and flint glass of higher dispersion.
These lenses are optimized for spherical aberration and coma. With its spot size designed to be smaller than or equal to the diffraction limited spot size for beams at 1064nm.
◦These lenses are chromatically corrected so that any HeNe guided beam or visible video monitor beam will remain focused in the same position as the YAG beam. All elements are coated with a laser-resistant narrowband multi-layer anti-reflection for YAG: 1064nm and HeNe: 633nm.
◦We offer optical protective windows to prevent damage to the lens by absorbing high levels of energy from inadvertent back reflection of the incident beam. These protective windows can be easily installed to the focusing side of the lens.
▶Please contact our Sales Team for customized products. (Customized on size etc.)
▶Please check the “wavelength characteristic of the focal length data” on the Web for the focal lengths of each wavelength.(Reference Technical Data)
▶Since the focal length and working distance of the lens is calculated at 1064nm, it will change at other wavelengths due to the refractive index of the material shift.
▶The F number of a lens is calculated by f (effective focal length) / De (effective clear aperture). The value represents “Brightness of the lens”. The lower the value, the brighter the lens is.
▶Be sure to wear laser safety goggles when checking optical path and adjusting optical axis.

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