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Typical Transmittance Data

Plate Type Thin Beamsplitter 0.09mm Thick


Name Plate Type Thin Beamsplitter 0.09mm Thick
Weight 0.0070
Optics Thickness 0.09±0.01mm
Wavefront distortion after coating Polishing, Polishing,Transmittance , Reflectance
Wavelength Range 400 - 700nm
Thin Plate Beamsplitter
Extremely thin beamsplitter.
It can be inserted into an optical light path without any beam shift or chromatic dispersion for any light transmittance application.
◦We offer 2 choices of thickness, 300um and 90um.
◦Dielectric multi-layer optical coating with reflectance and transmittance ratios at 1:1.
◦Dielectric multi-layer optical coating on the front surface and AR coating on the rear surface to provide a mirror with no loss of power.
◦The plate is firmly held by a glass retainer to avoid thermal expansion.
◦Due to the fabrication method, these offer good durability and high resistance against vibration making them an excellent alternative to traditional pellicle beamsplitters.
▶For customization, we can offer different sizes, wavelengths and deviation ratios. (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W3802)Please contact our Sales Team with your requests.
▶Thin beamsplitters are extremely thin and fragile. Special care must be taken during cleaning and handling.
▶When removing dust from the surface, do not use optics tissue paper to clean. Use a compress gas spray instead.
▶When applying a laser linear polarized light, the direction of polarization may affect the amount of reflectance and transmittance. For divergence usage of 1:1 ratio, ensure the direction of polarization is set to 45 degrees or use a circular polarizer.
▶The transmittance wavelength properties may be different if the incident angle is other than 45 degrees.
▶Avoid pushing the glass retainer as the mirror can bend or break. When handling, please use the other metal frame.
▶The surface reflectance accuracy may deteriorate when used outside recommended operating temperature.
▶The phase difference of incident light cannot be preserved on light transmittance and reflectance. Please use a wave plate to compensate.

Technical data

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Is this product compatible with a laser at 800nm, 50fs ?

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