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Laser Focusing Lenses

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  • FROM : €360.00

    BE - LBED

    This is an optical system for expanding a small collimated laser beam to a larger one. Fine adjustment of the collimator is available using the diopter correction function. You can use in a high precision optical system like an interferometer or laser processing with lens designed for wave from aberration.
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  • FROM : €489.50

    ETL - EDL - NEDL

    These lenses are manufactured with a synthetic fused silica material and it has a high transmittance value in the ultra-violet wavelength of 180 − 400nm. They have excellent performance and are ideal for focusing and imaging applications. There is no adhesive or heat absorption material used to produce these lenses, as a result they show high resistance to the ultraviolet light.
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  • FROM : €96.90


    Lenses for extract the collimate beam from the optical fiber or let the collimate beam into the optical fiber.
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  • FROM : €625.90


    High performance multi-element focusing lens. They are suitable for focusing and collimating solid state lasers like Yb fiber laser, YAG laser and YVO4 laser.
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  • FROM : €448.90


    YAG laser focusing lenses are air spaced triplets or doublets for YAG wavelengths. The elements are made of crown glass of lower dispersion and flint glass of higher dispersion. These lenses are optimized for spherical aberration and coma. With its spot size designed to be smaller than or equal to the diffraction limited spot size for beams at 1064nm.
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  • FROM : €22.40

    PG - PGH

    Protective windows can be attached to the focusing lens to minimize damage from laser fabrication. The protective window comes in 3 different sizes. Protective Window Holders (PGH) Visible Spectrum Achromats YAG Laser Focusing Lenses
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