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Infrared Objectives (400 nm - 1400 nm)

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    ◦Two kinds objective lenses are available. They are designed to correct aberration depending on the thickness of cover glass. (t= 0.7 mm and 1.1 mm)◦With its long working infinity correction function; this objective lens can be used for a laser system and coaxial observation.◦It is also used for the observation of Near Infrared light.◦High resolution type (NA=0.65) is also available.◦This objective lens can be used with a pulse laser of visible light (532nm).◦Laser Damage Threshold(reference): 0.1J/cm2 (532nm), 0.2 J/cm2 (1064nm) (Laser pulse width: 10ns, repetition frequency: 20Hz)
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    This is a high NA infinity corrected objective lens for laser processing (femtosecond laser and fundamental of YAG laser). You can also observe the laser beam coaxially with a laser processed surface that is designed to reduce the aberration of the visible wavelength.
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