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    Coatings on all concave mirror substrate models are available. Pre-coated aluminum concave mirrors are available. These substrates are mainly used as the primary mirror in a reflecting telescope or as reflection mirror of a collimating optical system light-source.
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    In general, an ellipsoid has two focal points and the light that passes through one focal point also passes through the other focal point after being reflected by the elliptical surface. By using this principle, if one light source is put on one focal point, it is possible to collect light at the other focal point. It is used to incident the light of the lamp into optical fiber or light guide.
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    Paraboloid mirror is a curved mirror that converts diverging light from a point of light source into parallel light. By making the paraboloid a curved surface, it is possible to retrieve parallel light more efficiently than a spherical concave mirror. An example use of paraboloid mirror is as a lamp reflector of a microscope.
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