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Colored Glass Filters

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  • FROM : €61.30

    BLF - GRF

    A filter that transmits a specific wavelength at green from blue, and cuts off other wavelengths in the visible range. It is used to select blue or green wavelength from a light emission or select a specific wavelength from multi-wavelengths.
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  • FROM : €97.70

    CCF - ECM

    The filter that can simulate the sensing of a human eye which is similar the silicon pixel detector sensor with a wavelength located at a peak at the NIR range. It is also widely as a filter attached to a CCD sensor.
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  • FROM : €57.00


    This product is widely used for absorbing heat from halogen and xenon lights for experiments that need to avoid UV or heat from those lightings.
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  • FROM : €65.10


    A filter that transmits IR wavelengths and absorbs the UV and Visible range. It is widely used in IR light selection from visible light and applications include infrared alarm systems, night vision systems.
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  • FROM : €53.10

    LA - LB

    Use the LB filter for reducing the reddish light of the Tungsten lamp and use the LA filter for reducing the bluish of the LED lamp. It keeps the light at a natural color without adjusting the illumination for microscope observation.
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  • FROM : €53.10


    Longpass filter that cut the short wavelength and let the long wavelength transmit. Primarily used for cutting the unused wavelength like the UV light when doing inspection and measurement experiments.
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