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    The PEM-TS-4.3 is a handheld, touch screen control console for use with Opto Sigma's Stand-Alone Power and Energy sensors. The control console features a color, 4.3-in. high-resolution, 480x272-pixel, touch screen display with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). The instrument is powered by a USB-rechargeable lithium battery for a run time of up to 15 hours. Among its features, the PEM-TS-4.3 offers a configurable analogue output and easy data logging. A stainless steel stand provides the instrument with optimum tilt for viewing of the screen when the instrument is placed on a flat surface, such as an optical table.
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    The OptoSigma® Stand-Alone Power Meter sensors operate with the PEM-TS-4.3 handheld control console which is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery for 15-hour run time. Stand-Alone Power Meters offer a configurable analogue output, easy data logging and can also be connected to a PC via its USB port. The sensor heads are composed of the thermopile detector, housing, and cable with DB15 connector termination.
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    The Opto Sigma PL10-VA-25D is a thermal sensor designed for measuring power and energy of pulsed laser or light sources. It can read up to 10W maximum average power with 100 uW resolution. In energy mode, it can read up to 10 J with 100 ms pulse. The sensor head has a 25-mm aperture and operates in the 0.4-5.2 um broadband spectral range. The PL10-VA-25D is designed to be used with PEM-TS-4.3 Stand-alone controller.
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